Working from home

Many of us are still working, either in their normal place of work or at home. For people new to it, working at home can be a very strange experience, it is very hard not to get distracted and find the days slip by without anything being achieved or at the other extreme to get carried away and work every waking hour. My recommendation is to set ‘office hours’ and try to stick to them. 

The second problem with working from home is social isolation, we are sociable creatures and most of us spend more time with our work colleagues than we do with anyone else. When I first started working from home I made myself go out every evening just to reassure myself that other people still existed and built a whole new circle of friends (and probably damaged my liver), sadly that option isn’t open to us at the moment. Do though take advantage of technology to voice or video call colleagues to maintain connections with colleagues, to maintain motivation and a common sense of purpose. Setting up a regular chat via a tool like zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams, this could be daily, weekly or whatever will keep everyone together.

When all this is over, I wonder whether we will continue to work from home – the technology is certainly readily available, or whether we will be keen to return to the office because we prefer it? Time will tell.

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