Risks, Issues and Uncertainty

I recently had to put together a presentation on uncertainty for a potential client, which made me think about the subject again. Over the years I’ve put together many risk management processes and toolkits for different organisations and purposes, ranging from managing strategic risks for an emergency service through to most recently for a change … Continue reading Risks, Issues and Uncertainty

Future of the High Street

The British High Street has been in difficulty for some time with large numbers of empty shops and a recent history of big name failures including House of Fraser and BHS, this can only be made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic which has shut all ‘non-essential’ retail operations, although garden centres have recently been allowed … Continue reading Future of the High Street

Update on ONS Covid-19 stats

This weeks statistics from the ONS show the increasing number of fatalities using the overall death rate higher again, 76% up on the 5 year average. Interestingly the number of excess deaths not attributed to Covid-19 has fallen from 2607 in the previous week to 1783 now 28% of the excess – I got that … Continue reading Update on ONS Covid-19 stats

How do we get out of this?

Now we’ve been in lockdown for several weeks and it seems as though both the infection and death rates are starting to plateau, thoughts are turning to how do we get out of lockdown and start to return to a more normal existence. Pandemics end when they run out of people to infect. There are … Continue reading How do we get out of this?